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The interdisciplinary SHIBUI Collective in cooperation with the E-Werk Freiburg offers a total of 3 Co-Creation Ateliers in 2022.

These ateliers are aimed at artists from all art disciplines who would like to research on the given thematic focus.

 Co-Creation Atelier III

 Co-Creation Atelier III: 

DECEMBER 5th -18th

The Co-Creation Atelier 3 now follows as a continuation of what happened before and is dedicated to the theme of dance and ".". Following on from the previous concept, the aim is to bring together an interdisciplinary group of professional artists who enrich each other. The aim is to deepen the collective work. Atelier 3 will consist of artists within the expertise of stage design, costume, music and dance.  It will take place from December 5 to 18 and will end with a public showing on December 18, 6pm at SÜDUFER Freiburg.


Artistic Direction / Choreography  EMI MIYOSHI


Stage design / Installation  PAULA MIERZOVSKY



18.12. | 18:00

SÜDUFER Freiburg

free admission

RSVP to the event HERE

 Co-Creation Atelier II


 Co-Creation Atelier II: Traditional and Contemporary Dances


For the second atelier the choreographer Emi Miyoshi works with 6 dancers  for her research of upcoming production RESTEP. The two weeks in September will function as a first research phase to create new contemporary movement material based on the origins of traditional japanese dances of BON ODORI. The research will focus on their contemporary development and reinterpretation to reflect mechanisms of collective memory and to explore the possibilities and limits of communal and traditional dances.


In the context of Co Creation Atelier 2, the SHIBUI KOLLEKTIV explores contemporary developments and reinterpretations of traditional dances of BON ODORI, a traditional Japanese dance. Together with 6 invited dancers, the SHIBUI collective reflects and works on the mechanisms, possibilities and limits of these and other communal traditional dances and their transfer into a collective memory.


24.09. | 18:00

SÜDUFER Freiburg

free admission

RSVP to the event HERE

 Co-Creation Atelier I

Afer our open call for the Co-Creation Atelier I - Dance & Space and 28 applications we are very excited to welcome from 16.-29. May 2022:

Sharon Jamila Hutchinson

open sharing: Friday, May 27th  5 p.m., SÜDUFER Freiburg
RSVP to the event HERE

Sharon Jamila Hutchinson

Sharon Jamila Hutchinson will work on

during our research-residency

the solo work is a tactile and audiovisual exploration of the four dimensional concept of spacetime as a choreographic and compositional tool.

MAR ELLA quadtratisch.jpg

Spacetime models placed in uneven landscapes: Over the ocean beds, beaches and fluvial beds, we gradually shift from the seashore to the heartland, where plains begin to bend under the weight of proceedings and syllables and bodies are crushed into their detailed constituent parts, tripping us up. MAR/ELLA puts order to the (hi)story of landscapes that narrate (her) neither chronologically, nor by means of years. Incidents occur simultaneously and somewhere between ebb and flow, belly rise and belly fall, sunrise and sunset they become fossil remains of days passed; writers Édouard Glissant, Kamau Brathwaite and Wilson Harris, among others, inspire a stepping forward of the landscape from the background to the foreground of the scenery. The appearing bodies and figures in MAR/ELLA develop through and alongside the spatiotemporal landscapes they create and merge with in complicity.

Sharon Jamila Hutchinson studied at the Centre for Contemporary Dance at the Cologne University of Music and Dance, the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Giessen, and the theatre department of the University Paris 8, Saint Denis, Paris.

She steadily pursues the interweaving of artistic and social research to create spaces where artistic and documentary practices can speak to each other. This particular desire mirrors in her transdisciplinary work as a performer, choreographer, filmmaker and editor. She is currently based in Frankfurt on the Main from where she follows her interest in bodies of and landscapes of memory, vocality and speech and the apparatus of the camera in company of colleagues and friend, plus as a solo artist.

Recently, amongst others she had worked with musician Sara Trawöger (SIE LEIDEN LIEBER STUMM) and actress Lua Mariell Barros Heckmanns (toss and turn) at the Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main. Beginning of this year she got the chance to stay in Montego Bay and Kingston (JA) and surroundings as the kickoff to her most recent research on the island motif in artistic positions of the Caribbean archipelago.

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