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Dance research with AI

Dance: Emi Miyoshi
Programming / technical implementation: Daniel Bisig, Ephraim Wegner

This project has been supported and funded by the following programs and institutions:

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (H2020-MSCA-IF-2018, Grant - agreement no: 840465)

Stepping Out, Nationales Performance Netz, a support program for the exchange and distribution of contemporary dance and theatre productions from Germany on a national and international level.

University of Applied Sciences Offenburg

Coventry University

Zurich University of the Arts

WS & Showing: Sa 18.12. | 3:00 p.m. | SÜDUFER
For this we ask for a short notice in advance by email

at the following address:





In ARTIFICIAL INTIMACY (AI), the SHIBUI collective, together with the ZHdK, Coventry University and the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, is looking for ways to try out new forms of indirect direct physical and artistic collaboration with digital self-images.

For this purpose, the dancer Emi Miyoshi interacts with a digital mirror body that has been trained to imitate dance movement sequences using machine learning processes. At the same time, the dancer tries to find out how she can use the mirror body to influence sound and images.

How is a physical dialogue with a digital abstraction of oneself possible? What happens to the human instincts, affects, reactions, emotions that an artificial intelligence can neither calculate nor imitate? What happens over the period of mutual learning and training? Do you approach, do you develop a common language? Which appropriations & alienations arise? What happens passively and preconsciously, what flows automatically from the dance movement into the setting? At which points do decisions in the form of voluntary control become clear? Is it possible to feel a human presence in exchange with the avatar? Maybe even intimacy?  

On December 18 the collective will present the current work results and present them in a performance improvisation. In addition, there is a workshop in which the developed technology can be experimented with and the space of experience reflected in subsequent discussions.  

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