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Dance / installation / live music

Concept, staging, choreography: Emi Miyoshi

Music: Christian Dierstein

Installation, stage design: Jürgen Oschwald

Dance: Lisanne Goodhue, Tina Halford, David Pallant

Dramaturgical support: Emma-Louise Jordan, Monica Gillette

Light: Conny Winterholler

Photo, video: Marc Doradzillo


In cooperation with E-WERK Freiburg and Kunstverein Freiburg eV

With the kind support of the Cultural Office of the City of Freiburg, Landesverband Freie Tanz- und Theaterschaffende Baden-Württemberg eV with funds from the Ministry of Science, Research and Art of the State of Baden-Württemberg


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February 1st, 2018, 8 p.m.

E-WERK Freiburg, hall

Further performances: 02, 03, 09 and 10 February 2018



Dance, installation, music - the attempt to connect performing bodies and objects on three levels and to illuminate the changes in their relationship and function is the focus of A HOUSE, the new work by Emi Miyoshi. Using an architectural choreography, the Japanese choreographer brings the dancers and individual objects together to form an overall object, a house that is subject to constant change through the playful interaction of the actors with the material and their bodies. In cooperation with the drummer Christian Dierstein, the set becomes an instrument: objects roll through the room, swing on ropes, are pulled across the floor with ropes, the floor vibrates - a differentiated background noise is created.

To appreciate the other and to integrate it into a common space is the concern of Emi Miyoshi, transported with the means of abstract artistic processing.

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