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Dance with Parkinson


Artistic director

Emi Miyoshi

Unita Gay Galiluyo, Anna Kempin, Ida Biegel, Belinda Winkelmann

Dramaturgy & Support

Monica Gillette
Project Management 

Ida Biegel

Additional Teacher training by

Dance well 


Friday 4-5pm

Kreisseniorenzentrum St.-Maximilian-Kolbe


Thursday 10-11am

Rathausgasse 48


Kenzingen Freiburg

Bassano del Grappa 



The project “ Dance with Parkinson” is a project of the SHIBUI Collective, an interdisciplinary performance group from Freiburg, funded by the Center for Cultural Participation until December 2024, with the aim of offering dance-based movement activities for people with Parkinson's disease. A group already exists in the Freiburg area, where the SHIBUI collective offers a one-hour movement session once a month following the internal meeting of the German Parkinson's Association.There is also a weekly movement session in Freiburg for interested people and relatives.The movement sessions follow a fixed structure with recurring opening and closing elements. The aim is to convey the joy of creative movement, which not only focuses on the body as a musculoskeletal system, but also on the desire to discover new movements and find playful approaches. One of the aims is to be able to draw creatively on resources in order to expand everyday movements in the individual body from a new perspective and to be able to link them spontaneously. It also creates a protected environment in which those affected can exchange ideas and make contact.

the SHIBUI collective is cooperating with Monica Gillette, lecturer, choreographer and project-oriented artist for interdisciplinary research work, including in the field of dance and movement disorders, as well as with the German Parkinson's Association and the international training organization “DanceWell” - Movement Research for Parkinson's, In addition to the creative movement units, the aim of the project is to open up a planned, open space for the participation of regional dance professionals and participants from the previous projects in order to break down inhibitions, promote diversity and exchange methods. Existing regional and international contacts serve to build up the network, which can be further developed on the basis of the project and benefit the local community in the region. Specifically, the SHIBUI collective would like to continue the project idea in the longer term after the end of the funding and open up further cultural spaces, such as “Dancing with parkinson's” in museums and exhibition spaces.


Supported in the program Weiterkommen! by the Zentrum für Kulturelle Teilhabe (ZkfT) 

If you are interested, please contact us here!


»Weiterkommen!« 1 – Kunstverein Freiburg, SHIBUI Kollektiv, Heinrich-Hansjakob-Haus Freiburg
Zentrum für Kulturelle Teilhabe

»Weiterkommen!« 1 – Kunstverein Freiburg, SHIBUI Kollektiv, Heinrich-Hansjakob-Haus Freiburg

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