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Solodance Production

SHIBUI Collective 2024

Artistic direction|Choreography Emi Miyoshi

Production management|Dance Anna Kempin

Costume|Illustration Charlotte Morache

Dramaturgy Monica Gillette

Lighting Steffen Melch 

Photo|Video Marc Doradzillo

Press Christine Eyssel | Ida Biegel

Production SHIBUI Collective


In cooperation with E-WERK Freiburg 

Supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Freiburg, the Landesverband Freie Tanz- und Theaterschaffende

Baden-Württemberg e.V. with funds from the Ministry for Science, Research and

and Art of the State of Baden-Württemberg,

Made possible by the residency program of the Réseau GRAND LUXE network and the special support of the dance division of Theater Freiburg.

(residency Institutions: Theater Freiburg | Onassis Stegi, Athens | Pole Sud, Strasbourg | TROIC C-L, Luxembourg | L'Abri, Geneva) 



Wednesday 13.03.2024 8:30pm 

Additional performances

Th 14.03. 

FR 15.03. 

SA 24.03. 

E-WERK Freiburg, Kammertheater

Eschholzstr. 77, 79106 Freiburg

Admission & Advance booking

17,- /13,- Euro (reduced)


BZ-Kartenservice, Kaiser-Joseph-Str. 229, Tel. 0761 496 8888 

Guest Performance

HAPPY DAYS on 4.April




Badische Zeitung 

Kultur Joker 



With their current stage production S_HE IS SEA Etude, Emi Miyoshi and the SHIBUI collective create an exciting, refreshing and intellectually captivating dance performance that also invites the audience to a special musical experience. With the musical piece "Canto Ostinato" (1976) by Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt, the Freiburg-based dancer and choreographer builds on her long-standing research interest in polyrhythmic spaces, which already played a central role in her previous production RESTEP (2023). This time, Emi Miyoshi goes one step further and allows different rhythms to collide in a single body (dance Anna Kempin/Emi Miyoshi).

A truly fascinating interplay of unconditional devotion and inevitable failure begins, allowing the polyrhythmic energies to merge into an aesthetic dance vortex that follows its own laws. Dance is not a product created by individuals, but an ongoing process, comparable to a whirlpool in water.At a time when we are often driven by external demands ("fast culture"), the piece sets a counterpoint to the current zeitgeist with its repetitive patterns of movement and sound, similar to the routines of life.Subtle variations lead to modifications, while layer by layer the individual facets of the interplay between dance and music come to the fore.

The dance interpretation of "Canto Ostinato" transfers the authoritative freedom of the musicians to the dancer, similar to an etude (exercise). She decides how often she repeats the choreographed movement sequences, analogous to the 106 sections of the work, and subtly overlays and shifts them. Each performance thus becomes unique. An exciting combination of dance and music is created, whereby the musical structure is visualized in the dance and made physically tangible. A lasting sensory experience with which Emi Miyoshia impressively demonstrates how two art forms can be combined to create a space in which the boundaries are rebalanced.

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