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Dance and audio-visual performance

Concept, direction and choreography: Emi Miyoshi

Music & Performance: usaginingen

Dance: Nobuyoshi Asai, Azusa Nishimura

Dramaturgical support: Emma-Louise Jordan

Light: Markus Frietsch

Photo and video: Marc Doradzillo

In cooperation with E-WERK Freiburg


With the kind support of: Kulturamt der Stadt Freiburg, Landesverband Freie Tanz- und Theatererschaffende Baden-Württemberg eV with funds from the Ministry for Science, Research and Art of the State of Baden-Württemberg and the Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau.


Press: BadischeZeitung

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For her new project “Anonymous Trip”, the dancer and choreographer Emi Miyoshi invites the sensational Japanese artist duo usaginingen from Berlin to the E-WERK in Freiburg. With their specially built visual instrument TACO, Shinichi and Emi Hirai create projections that, together with their originally composed music and the tones and sounds produced live on the SHIBAKI percussion set, transport two dancers into different situations. How does the respective context influence the actors' self-image? “I am - I don't know what I am”. How many roles can each dancer play? “Anonymous Trip” creates an atmosphere of human warmth through the hand-made, analog technology and takes the viewer on an audiovisual journey of discovery of their own prismatic identity.


The Tokyo-based artist duo usaginingen, who work in Berlin, won the 2014 Grand Prize at the Punto y Raya Festival for Visual Music in Reykjavík / Iceland. The Japanese dancer Nobuyoshi Asai, who lives in Paris, was a member of the well-known butoh company Sankai Juku, with whom he toured internationally. Azusa Nishimura, also from Japan, has worked with various international choreographers and companies, including for opera and dance films, and has lived in Zurich since 2000.

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